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Sustainability: A growing trend in real estate

Posted by Karshni Buildwell on 23 July 2020

Over the years, the imminent threat to nature has made homebuyers more environmentally conscious. Sustainable construction not only addresses social and environmental concerns but also raises the standard of healthy living for people.

This has caused the demand for sustainable buildings to increase substantially over the years with 24.81 million gross sq ft under-occupancy of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified projects in India. Builders are proactively endorsing their luxury flats in Gurgaon with sustainability. Furthermore, the country is steadily working towards achieving its target of 10 billion sq ft of green building footprint by 2022. Read more to know why sustainability should be in your checklist before investing in residential projects in Gurgaon.

Why is Sustainable Development important?

The construction industry essentially runs on natural resources. In fact, the industry accounts for 36% of worldwide energy usage and 5% of humanity’s carbon footprint.
The mining and manufacturing of raw materials used in construction also contribute to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. The improper disposal of construction waste not only affects the surrounding environment but also the health of people in the vicinity.
 As people are becoming increasingly aware of the situation of climate change and the contribution of construction towards it, sustainable development has become the need of the hour in real estate.

The solution?

1. Eco-friendly construction materials 

The air quality surrounding a construction site is extremely dangerous for health as the air contains contaminated particulate matter and volatile compounds. The main contaminants are PM10, PAHs bound to particulate matter, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and asbestos, gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. A lot of these lethal pollutants are found in binding agents like cement.
A green alternative for this is smart bricks. These porotherm bricks save time, require minimal labor and no water or sand as well as assures minimal wastage on the construction site. Modern technology has come up with multiple other eco-friendly raw materials that can be used instead of the dangerous albeit conventional materials like rice husk ash concrete, bamboo, precast concrete slabs, etc.

2. Energy and water efficiency 

Green buildings strive to reduce energy consumption by incorporating sources of renewable energy like solar, wind, thermal, and hydro energy. Another strategy for reducing energy construction has to do with the architecture and designing of the house. Effective placement of windows and walls as well as porches and trees can shade windows and roofs during summer while maximizing solar gain in winters. This can also effective window placement can provide more natural light thus minimizing the use of electrical lighting during the day.
The objective of a sustainable building is to increase its dependence on collected, used, and purified water thus reducing the consumption of water. Rainwater harvesting as well as the application of a dual plumbing system that reuses water from toilet flushing or car washing is an effective way of water conservation.  

Apart from these, activities like waste separation and reduction, composting, eco-friendly landscaping, indoor plantation, etc should be proactively incorporated into our lifestyles. As consumers, the greatest effort we can do towards a change is by demanding properties and residential projects in Gurgaon that are not built by compromising the environment.

3. The challenges 

The biggest challenge to this green initiative is the lack of funding. Considering that eco-friendly technologies are expensive, sustainable real estate is still not affordable for many businesses.
Another challenge that eco-friendly business aspirants often face is the lack of support or understanding from their employees. Since there are many misconceptions and myths about green real estate, it is difficult to get support and participation from everyone.
With sustainability trending in the market, there are a lot of eco-friendly options that can be availed. But since there is still a lack of information about such products, choosing the ones best for a particular business is proving to be a difficulty that needs to be overcome.

4. The benefits of sustainability 

Aside from the obvious benefits of a decreased impact on the environment, investment in sustainability also brings tangible benefits. Usage of sustainable and renewable energy has proven to be cost-effective for numerous businesses and people that have adopted this change. Reduction and reuse of water also have long term cost benefits. In the current market, luxury flats in Gurgaon that boast sustainability have caught the attention of homebuyers. And so, sustainable development can help businesses by building their goodwill in a market where demands for environmentally conscious buildings are ever-increasing.

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