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Style tricks to make a small space appear bigger.

Posted by Karshni Buildwell on 23 July 2020

There is a certain charm of living in small, Hobbit-like spaces and if managed right they can induce a feeling of warm coziness. Even so, more often than not, small spaces feel uncomfortable and suffocating. 
Not to worry though, here are style tricks to make your 3HK in Gurgaon look a little bigger and breathable because why should only big spaces enjoy the benefits of being well styled?

When in doubt, white it out

What better way to make a room look bigger than incorporating some good old optical illusion. Light and bright colors are more reflective, thus maximizing the effects of natural light. By painting your walls in light colors with a clever contrast, your small apartment too will boast the airiness of luxury flat in Gurgaon.

Magic of Mirrors

Well placed mirrors work like a charm in making small spaces appear bigger. They reflect light as well as the view, tricking the eye into believing that a room has more depth. 

Ditch the drapes, sweep the rug under the…well rug

Heavy curtains block natural light from filtering in, as well as the view. Opting for binds instead of curtains can help you maintain privacy as well as make your space appear bigger. If however, you still want to opt for curtains make sure that the fabric is light and breezy like linen. Hanging floor-to-ceiling length curtains also create the illusion of a higher ceiling. 
Similarly, rugs add to the clutter in a room and emphaSize the smallness of the floor. Even so, small and minimal rugs can still be styled well into your room. 

Get rid of excess clutter; or store it well

Messy clutter compliments no room, especially the smaller ones. They take up precious space and make a room feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Get rid of it.
And if you are a hoarder, hide it well. Using hidden storage and multi-functional furniture can keep the appearance of your space chic and organized. 

Leggy furniture and light fixtures 

Streamlined furniture allows light to flow above and under it making it appear to be floating in the space. This creates an illusion of openness within the room.
The key element of opening up space is lighting. So instead of opting for only one source of artificial light opt for fixtures and lamps to place around the room =, thus maximizing the sources of light.

Making spaces appear larger than they are is all about tricking the eye. Keeping tricks like these in mind can help you transform your stuffy 3BHK in Gurgaon into a well-styled and open luxury flat in Gurgaon. 

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