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Retro trends making a comeback in interior designing.

Posted by Karshni Buildwell on 23 July 2020

With the sudden resurgence of bell-bottom jeans and hoop earrings in fashion, retro trends in interior designing are bound to come back as well. Move over all-white kitchens and pale neutral walls, here are the retro trends you should be looking forward to in your luxury flats in Gurgaon.

Appliances from the Past

For the past several years stainless steel appliances stole the show as the sleek and modern definition of luxury. Interior design look books are now showing a resurrection of kitchen appliances like the colorful ‘50s era fridges or replicas of antique wood-burning stoves, all of which are now fully equipped with modern technology.
These appliances can add a touch of warmth and some historic personality to the otherwise white and minimalist kitchens.

Art Deco Interior

Art deco interior is essentially about making a bold statement with hard angled geometric patterns and symmetry. Combined with the Memphis design movement of the ‘80s, bold saturated colored rugs, cushions, and tables, placed in perfect symmetry are seen to be making a comeback.
Adopting these styles, the modern homeowners are clearly announcing “Less is Bore!”.

The Plant Aesthetic

Incorporating a healthier lifestyle into everything is essentially the prerequisite for the modern man’s definition of luxury. While plant décor was the popular aesthetic back in the ‘70s, today having leafy houseplants is more about air purification and healthy oxygenation.
Even so, this aesthetic works perfectly for health-conscious individuals looking to add a little life to their interior.

Brass, Chrome, and Steel

Shinier than the 2000s Satin Nickel, chrome and steel accents from the ‘50s, are starting to peek out from behind the curtain. People have moved over from the shiny gold to opt for silver in their fixtures and appliances.
Worry not though; you don’t need to throw out your brass hardware. Incorporating it with a little steel can bring help you achieve a sophisticated and luxurious look.

Palette from the ‘70s

After years of interior design being dominated by white and pale, neutral tones; earthy tones from the ‘70s have started showing up in the modern landscape. Colors like avocado green, tans and browns, oranges, and especially mustard yellow have been the latest choice of home designers.
While these colors may be coming back in trends, it is wise to remember to not go all-in.

Floating Fixtures

Making a comeback from the mid-century-modern homes are hovering fixtures that range from bathroom vanities to entryway sideboards. This trend opens the space and makes it look lighter and airier. This trend comes equipped with the 21st-century sensibilities too as it allows more storage space and cleaning ground.

If you are bored with the interior of your ordinary 3BHK in Gurgaon, keeping up with trends like these can help you transform it into your dream luxury flat in Gurgaon.

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